Why should you read book reviews and summaries from me?

1. I am a self-help book junkie.  I have read hundreds and hundreds of said books since I first picked up Women Who Love Too Much out of a discount store at the beach in 1992.  It had such a profound influence on me that I continued reading as many self-help books as  I could.  In fact, whenever I rolled my youngest child’s stroller into a book store, he would start to cry.  Later my kids would love the fact that I could spend hours in a bookstore while they cruised the mall.  Kids are grown and Amazon is where I do a lot of my book shopping. However I am happiest while in a bookstore.

2. I also have credentials.

  • Bachelors Degree in Psychology
  • Masters Degree  in Education with a specialty in Reading
  • Masters Degree in Social Work

So I am a reliable source so to speak for personal growth and human behavior.

3. I plan to cover as many books as possible for you, both new ones, recent ones and old favorites.  If you like any, you can order them from Amazon directly from my site.

4.  Hamsters are cute and can make you smile.  We often don’t have enough smiles in our day.

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