The How Of Happiness Part II

July 21, 2011


Well, I promised you that I would take the Happiness Strategy Quiz and I did.  This is a hard quiz to figure out and take.  I had to think a lot and then the scoring was difficult too.  So beware…you might give up.  But I finished the quiz and these are the Happiness Strategies I scored highest on:

  • Practicing Acts of Kindness
  • Increasing Flow Experiences
  • Savoring Life’s Joys
  • Committing to Goals
Wow.  I am impressed.  These activities do make me happier.  What I like about this book is that it tells you activities that make you happy and then there are chapters on each to help you do them more or better.  All the activities have research behind them to support what Sonja tells you.
I like the fact that you find out what makes you happy now and then are encouraged to do more of it.  Not that you should start doing this or that because in the long run it will make you happy.  Like exercise.  I know exercise will make me fitter, healthier, happier, etc. but I hate it.  I don’t need a book to talk me into it.  I just need to get on my wheel and run, run, run.
This book helps me increase the things I already do as well as learn to do them better.  For example,  I love to do nice things for people…like letting cars in front of me, letting people in front of me in line, giving to the homeless etc.  Sonja says I need to start doing other acts of kindness than the  ones I already do.  And that research shows that doing 5 or more acts of kindness in one day works better than one a day.
So I recommend this book as one that can help you increase your happiness by being wiser about what already makes you happy. And maybe if I am happier, I will acually get in that wheel….

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