The 1% Solution: For Work and Life

This 150 page book is bright and fun to read: big print, lots of dialogue and it reads more like a novel about a man named Ken who talks with 6 different people who are using this method to improve their life.  If you like the type of self-help book where the main character interacts with others to glean infomation, you would enjoy it.  If not, you might use it to line your hamster cage. It is not the kind of book that has a lot of facts or practical how-tos.

Here are some of the nuggets I found in this book:

  • The best way to success is to continously take small targeted steps towards improvement.
  • You can be 1% at hundreds of things, not 100% better than everyone else.
  • By doing one small thing, you increase your motivation to do more.
  • Choose small shifts in your actions that produce large shifts in results.
  • Too many people who have done something for 30 years do NOT have 30 years of experience, they have one year’s experience over and over for 30 years.
  • Deliberate practice produces improved performance.
  • It is important to have periods of rest throughout the day.
There are many things in my life that I am happy to do with no improvement whatsoever: cooking, crocheting, learning, etc.  But the areas that I would like to improve are many: weight, exercise, decluttering, training, writing, photograpy, and more. So how can I use what is in this book to help me with those areas?
If we take any area we want to improve, we can decide what a 1% improvement would look like.  Then do that for 30 days.  Then tackle another 1% solution and do that for 30 days.  Hmmm.  Maybe in 12 months we would really see a difference/improvement.
Take an example from my life: weight.  I can tackle a diet plan (Weight Watchers, Atkins, Blood Type, South Beach, etc.) and I can lose my weight.  BUT I can not keep it off.  When the diet is over, I revert back to my same habits of stuffing my cheeks with food when I am bored, sad, worried, traveling, eating out, celebrating holidays, etc.  Maintenance is my problem.  Perhaps instead of taking all the weight off at once (really months and months), I could try the 1% solution.  I could try one little change for a month such as eating a fresh fruit as my sugar fix instead of carbs.  Next month, I could stop eating after 8pm.  You get the picture. Really it comes down to taking baby steps, which reminds me of the movie What About Bob?
And really small improvements are a gentler way to live especially for us self-improvers.  We have so much stress and responsibilities on us.  We are doing so much as it is.  Why not try a 1% solution?

One Comment on “The 1% Solution: For Work and Life”

  1. Robert Thompson Says:

    I enjoyed your recent blog, “The 1% Solution: For Work and Life”.. and found it very informative. I’m glad the Self-Help hamster is sharing all her yummy tidbits.


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