Switch–Ways to Help Our Minds With Change Part 2

June 25, 2011


So how can we help our minds embrace change?  In the book Switch, the Heath brothers call our rational side the rider.  How can we get the rider to help make change?

1.  Find the bright spots:  find what works already and why.  This is the best way to direct the rider.  It is not by focusing on problems and analysis.  Ask instead, “What is working well and how can we do more of that?”

We are biologically wired to focus on the negative.  In a study of 558 emotion words, 62% were negative versus 38% positive.  It is in our nature to find the problems…to be problem-focused.  We need to make the effort to find the positive and create more of it.

2. Find the most important changes and clarify them.  The more choices we have, the more overwhelmed and exhausted we become.  When we are tired, we revert to the status quo…what we have always done.

Provide crystal clear guidance.  Make the new way very obvious.  Clarity dissolves resistance.

3. Point to the destination. Provide a clear vivid of the result wanted.  And not just a SMART goal, but one that motivates.  Provide a goal that feels worthwhile.  Create an inspiring destination…a strong ending.  A picture of the goal.

All three of these strategies help us get our rider-our mind- on board.  Next we will discuss how to get our emotional side on the side of change.


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