Switch – A Great Book on Change

June 25, 2011


I recently read a really cool book on change. Switch by Chip and Dan Heath.  Filled with wonderful stories, these guys present the hows of  change in an easy, enjoyable read.  According to the Heath brothers, there are 3 crucial components to change: mind, heart and environment.

1. Mind: our rational side which is like a rider that needs clear direction. “What looks like resistance is often a lack of clarity.”

2. Heart: our emotional side  which is like an elephant that needs to be motivated. Feeling. “What looks like laziness is often exhaustion”. It is the rider trying to move the unmotivated and disengaged elephant.

3. Environment: the situation (the path) itself.  “What looks like a people problem is often a situation  problem.”

How often do we try to talk youth into change?  Rationalize, explain, lecture….all attempts to create change with the mind only. How many changes have we stuck to when it is only our mind telling us to change?  Usually these thoughts start with “I should” and end with “I’ll get to it someday”.  We are trying to move an elephant with a tiny rider and often up a rocky steep hill.

In the next few blogs, I will discuss each of these important components of change.


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